Song of the Forest

A great collection of short stories by award winning author Aeris Walker is now available where all good books are sold, including, Barnes & Noble, and of course Amazon.

This collection is comprised of a wide array of stories that explore elements of the writing craft. Each varies in voice, theme, point of view, and style. They branch across multiple genres from fantasy and historical fiction, drama and suspense, to epistolary war letters and magical realism. Some are playful, others tragic, but all plumb the depths of emotion to expose matters of the heart.  

Song of the Forest

The Medicine Girl

The Medicine Girl is now available on Amazon, Apple Books, Barns & Noble, and Kobo, and where all good books are sold.

The Medicine Girl must use her wits and vast knowledge of natural remedies to barter her way through a wasteland. But her mother’s directive to “alleviate suffering” in a place with endless hardships makes her question all that she’s ever known.

Other Books

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With a friendship fortified by red wine and show tunes, Jax and Jillian have each others’ backs through the good and not-so-good times. Join them on their adventures—from attending self-empowerment conferences to substituting middle school to meeting Jillian’s awful mother.

Discover what makes this pairing simply irresistible!