Aeris Walker


Aeris Walker is an award winning author. A collection of her short stories – Song of the Forest is now available where all good books are sold, including, Barnes & Noble, and of course Amazon.

Aeris Walker hasn’t taught at Harvard or written for The New York Times or worked as an editor for 20 years; she is a stay-at-home mother trying to finish her degree while chasing two kids around the house and begging them to put on pants.

A mother who, in her precious spare time, lets her imagination out for some fresh air and writes stories she hopes will resonate with her readers.

Aeris lives in North Carolina with her husband, young children, and a crotchety old dog.

Aeris has previously published one of her stories, Roxie Gone Rogue, in comic strip form, along with reading the story for Blue Marble Storytellers podcast.